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Christmas is almost around the corner again.
Another year has passed.
Where has it remained?


We worked for our existing and new customers in the past year, especially with our new event management service. With perfectly organized and designed events we have produced new experiences, which remain for our customers a lasting fond of memories.

In this year we had the chance to develop our expertise in developing new marketing activities and we are looking forward on our next pending projects, which will start up in the new year.

In the course of digital revolution, some of our biggest projects were digital this year. We used the highest modern possibilities to create new types of professional websites and improved their placement in all type of search engines too. We got a new „look“ too, perfectly right in time for Christmas:
We would be pleased if you will have time to look at it and give us a short feedback.

Merry Christmas and a nice time together with your family.

Your signature team


signature design gmbh
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